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When people ask us about furnace installation, one of the first things they want to know is “how much will it cost?”

The answer, of course, is “it depends”! Don’t you hate that answer? Not to worry – we’ll explain a bit more below.

The Short Answer on Furnace Installation Cost

When you finance your furnace, it can cost under $30 a month, and we have plans with low interest – or even 0% interest.

The quick and easy answer about costs is “a few thousand dollars”. To be more specific, it can range from around $3,000 to over $8,000 for one of our top models – and that’s including professional installation.

That brings me to the question our customers should really be asking: “what do I get for my money?”. In other words, where’s the value?

How to Get Value From Your New Furnace

We understand: you’re on a tight budget. Costs are rising all the time, and you have to spend your money wisely. But the truth is that in the search for the lowest cost, you may end up paying more in the long run.

How can this be? There are many unqualified people in Toronto offering bottom-price furnaces. They promise the lowest cost, and sometimes they even stick to their price. More often than not, however, they do one of two things:

  1. They don’t mention ALL the costs in their quote. When you see the final bill, you get a nasty surprise when you see what they didn’t include in their initial price. Uninvited door-to-door salespeople are famous for this.
  2. They cut corners in order to meet that low price.

This often happens with fast-talking sales people who get your signature on the contract before you know fully understand what’s happened.

The Shortcuts

Here are the types of shortcuts that some companies make when they install your new “bargain” furnace:

  1. They don’t calculate the heat load of your home correctly. It takes a bit of time to figure out how much heat a home really needs. Things like square footage, ceiling height, number and quality of windows, and insulation level. Even whether your home faces south can make a difference.
  2. They don’t size the furnace correctly to your home. When it comes to heating, too much can be as bad as too little. If your furnace is more powerful than it needs to be, it will be turning itself on and off more often, instead of running at the intensity it was designed for. Parts will wear out sooner, and your furnace will break down sooner. That means more money spent on repairs, and more furnaces purchased in your lifetime.
  3. They don’t ensure the air handler is matched to your air conditioner. The fan that blows the air through your ducts can be more or less powerful, and needs to be matched to both the power of the furnace and to your air conditioner. We’ve seen air conditioner coils turn into blocks of ice in summer because the installer saved some bucks by putting in a blower fan that couldn’t push the cold air out fast enough.
  4. They won’t do a professional job of the installation. Unfortunately, you can’t just plug a furnace into your basement and expect it to run as expected. You need specialized tools and attention to detail. You need to care about doing it right so the furnace performs well and actually meets its advertised efficiency level.
  5. They don’t test the system and provide you with the measurements. The technician should run the furnace and provide you with the numbers, and explain what they mean. If you ask them to show you how they got the number, they should provide the proof.
  6. They don’t take the time to answer your questions. These installers won’t take the time to walk you through all the details of how your system works. If you call their office a few days later, they don’t have time for you. They don’t help you with warranty or rebate paperwork.
  7. They often leave a mess for you to deal with. They don’t bother to protect your home from boots, dirt or grease. They also don’t take the packaging or the old furnace away for recycling. You’re stuck with all of that clean up work – and your time is worth money.
  8. They don’t offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If something goes wrong after the installation, they’re nowhere to be found. A company should back up its promises with a guarantee.

That bargain-priced furnace ends up costing you a lot more than it should.

Get the Right Furnace at a Competitive Price

A professionally-installed energy efficient furnace is worth the money, because it will help you save on energy costs in the long run.

A reputable company will guarantee that their contract includes the full price. Things like labour costs, permits, and taxes will all be indicated in separate lines. More importantly, they will leave the contract paperwork with you so you can think about it and even shop around if you want.

Most importantly, they will care about your happiness and offer a satisfaction guarantee.

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A Real Review for Our Goodman Furnace Installation Services

“Came home Sunday night after being away for Christmas 2016 to find my 12 year old furnace was “done”. Called Air Quality Dunrite on Monday morning & had a new furnace installed Wednesday morning warming my home with wife and 6 month old baby. Bryan the account rep attending my home and the two fellas that installed the furnace were polite courteous and a good laugh to talk with as well. Thank you for getting us sorted out so quickly. Not to sound cheesy but they “Dunrite” by me :-)”
– Chris in Toronto, January 2017

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