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Updated for 2017

Being robbed is every homeowner’s worst nightmare. You feel so vulnerable, and it can cost a fortune to put your life back together afterwards. The worst part is you didn’t see it coming.

Believe it or not, you’re being robbed this very second. In fact, it’s been going on for a long time. Every heating season, you’re robbed blind.

So who is the shadowy figure taking your hard-earned money? Well, it’s not a who; it’s a what.

Each winter your furnace robs you by giving you bloated, fat, disgusting energy bills. As soon as you turn it on, your furnace delivers a punch to your pocketbook. Many people just accept that costs, knowing that their furnace is essential.

But you don’t have to let your pockets get picked; we have a surefire way to help fight high energy bills while staying cozy all winter.

A Furnace Check-Up Can Save You $180 a Winter – Or More

The rates for gas are reset every 3 months, and only you know how much heat you use, so we can’t guess your exact bill. But it’s estimated that the average homeowner in Toronto pays approximately $150/month for heat.

This is just an estimated average – some people are paying a lot more. That’s a lot of money, especially when you add it up over the years.

Unlike wine or your favourite pair of jeans, furnaces do not get better with age. Instead, they becomes less efficient, meaning the costs to heat your home go up. Those costs go up even more if your furnace isn’t taken care of annually.

That’s where a furnace tuneup comes in. Some studies suggest that a tuneup can save you as much as 15-30% on your heating bill!

Let’s use 20% savings as our magic number. 20% of $150 equals out to $30 a month in savings.

massive furnace savings

That doesn’t sound like much, but when you add it up month over month, the savings are significant. After just 6 months, you’ve saved $180! That covers the cost of a tune up, and you’ll have a little extra in your pocket for spring.

Remember: These numbers were calculated using estimations. To get a more accurate number, you should do your own calculations using your bills and advice from your furnace technician.

Furnace Savings Will Appear on Your Repair Bills, Too

It’s not just your energy bill that will stay lower with the help of a furnace check-up. Your repair bills will shrink as well.

That’s because you’re less likely to have furnace repairs if you take preventative measures. A furnace check-up catches all the little problems before they become big, furnace-wrecking ones.

Imagine your furnace suddenly breaks down. It’s December, it’s 5 o’clock in the morning, and you’re awoken by Jack Frost nipping at your nose. You have a freezing cold house and costly repairs on the way.

Now imagine finding out that this miserable winter disaster and costly bill could have been avoided by making a furnace maintenance appointment.

According to several HVAC experts, as much as 75% of furnace breakdowns could be avoided if homeowners invested in annual maintenance.

75% avoidable furnace repairs

How We Get You Those Furnace Savings

During a tune-up, an Air Quality Dunrite technician conducts a multi-point inspection of your system to make sure your furnace is cleaned, adjusted, lubricated, and fully functional.

After your tune-up, not only will you start saving money on your heating bills, but you could be adding years to your furnace’s life. That means even more furnace savings!

Don’t Wait to Start Saving

These massive furnace savings are only a phone call or email away. The best part about working with us? We offer a guarantee – if you’re furnace doesn’t save you at least $100 after a tuneup, we’ll refunded your money.

Request a quote for a furnace tuneup now, and we’ll stop your furnace from robbing you blind in time for the holidays.

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