Breathe Fresh, Clean Air All Year Round.

The average person spends over 90% of their time indoors and the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation estimates that indoor air quality can be up to 110% worse than outdoor air. This poor indoor air quality often increases or irritates asthma and respiratory conditions.

Breathe deeply. Go ahead, give it a try right now. If your air is stuffy or stale, you’re not getting the most out of your home experience. Indoor air quality is something we often ignore because it’s invisible, but if you’re not getting that first-day-of spring freshness when you breathe, your home’s air quality could be improved.

Air Filtration and Purifier Systems

Allergies, tobacco smoke and VOCs can ruin your day. Why suffer when you can have a system that works way better than anything you can buy in a hardware store?

Duct Cleaning

Our professional duct cleaners will remove dust and debris providing cleaner, safer air in your home. Choose from three different duct cleaning packages

Humidifiers Sales, Service and Repair

If you get constant sore throats and colds in winter, a humidifier can really help. They also protect your hardwood floors and furnishings from dry winter air.

… humidifier was not working after being installed by another company

My steam humidifier was not working after being installed by another company only 2 years prior. The crew at Air Quality Dunrite campaigned the manufacturer, Honeywell, to replace the unit at no cost to me even though it was out of warranty and Dunrite did not originally sell and install it. Air Quality Dunrite has once again proven that ultimately the customer comes first. Thanks to their great service, everything is running great.

Did a great job and was very personable.

Greg from York


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Held to a Higher Standard

Brian Baeumler is known for championing great service and workmanship. As one of Canada’s most loved handymen, he has been exposing contractors who cut corners on HGTV and other networks for years. Now he has a directory of contractors he trusts. Here’s how we earned our place in the Baeumler Approved Network:

  • Our customers provided positive reviews.
  • We proved our technical expertise by showing our licenses and certifications.
  • We proved we’ve got liability coverage worth over $1 million dollars.
  • We stand by the Code of Conduct, and can prove it at any time.
  • Should customers ever complain, we agreed to be held accountable to the Network.

We’re proud to be on Brian Baeumler’s list of exceptional providers.


Why We’re “The Good Guys”

We feel good when our customers tell their friends and families about us. We find that treating every customer like our only customer is what makes us “the good guys your friends told you about”.

You’ll get the kind of service we would want:

  • We know your time is valuable, so we arrive on schedule. Who wants to wait around?
  • We give you flat-rate prices, so you know the full cost in advance. We hate hidden fees too.
  • Our friendly techs will give you a clear explanation of all the options in words everyone can understand.
  • We take care of your home by wearing booties and using drop cloths for bringing in large items. We don’t like messes either.
  • Just to make sure we cover everything, we protect you with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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