If you’re like most people, you’re inhaling air that’s full of dust, pollen, and even toxic gasses. And we’re not talking about the air on a busy freeway here, we’re talking about the air inside your home.

Since the energy crisis of the 1970s, we’ve been making our homes more airtight and using better insulation. That’s great for saving money on heating and cooling. But it also means that we no longer have ventilation gaps happening around windows, doors, and other parts of our home.

The result is that any pollution that gets indoors stays indoors. Pollen grains and mould spores can come in from the outside, along with exhaust from cars. Pollutants can also be generated inside the home from dust, dander, vermin droppings, and hair. The construction materials in our homes plus paint, carpeting and furniture also release gasses like VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

Poor indoor air quality can cause anything from minor irritation like sore throats to allergies, asthma, and even lung cancer, according to the American Lung Association.

Thank goodness technology has come a long way, and there’s a lot you can do to make sure the air you breathe is fresh and healthy.

Since 1937, GeneralAire has been helping North America get the cleanest possible heating and cooling experience. What began with heating oil fitlers is now a huge variety of air filters, air purifiers, humidifiers and dehumidifiers that give the clean air experience to homes of all kinds.

Finding the right solutions for your exact needs can be tricky. Our professionals are available to help match your requirements to the right equipment. You’ll love our friendly, no-pressure sales process. You’ll also love breathing your home’s fresh new air – even in the middle of winter. We guarantee it!

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Why Portable Units Just Don’t Cut It

Sure, you can spend a few dollars on a cheap, stand-alone unit that claims to clean or humidify your air. But you won’t be solving the problem, because these systems don’t treat your entire home. If you’re right next to the unit, the air is better but down the hall or on another floor the air is still bad.

If you care about really getting a solution to your indoor air problem, you really need a whole-home unit. You’ll be able to go anywhere in your house and breathe easy.

There are other advantages to whole-home air quality units:

  • They’re invisible, because they connect to your existing system. You don’t have to look at them, and you won’t lose floor space in your living area.
  • They’re quieter. Having a motor going right next to you isn’t fun.
  • They’re so much more convenient. Because you don’t have to change the filters or drain them nearly as often, they give you back your free time.
  • They work better. Whole home units are larger and better designed, and trap more particles – and smaller particles as well.

If your home has air quality issues, you need a whole-home system to truly solve the problem. GeneralAire offers a great selection of products to choose from.

Air Cleaners

An air cleaner is designed to remove particles from the air you breathe. They can contain one or more filters, depending on how thorough they’re designed to be. Some contain different types of filters to remove gasses as well as particles.

They’re completely different from the little 1” filters you get at the hardware store. Those are just designed to protect your furnace from hair and dust, and have approximately 5 square feet of filtration surface. Compare that to the dozens of square feet you’ll get with a proper air cleaner.

GeneralAire makes 2 different types of air cleaners. You can use just the AC22/AC24 or combine it with the AC500 for maximum cleaning power. They also make electrostatic air cleaners.

GeneralAire AC24 and AC22 Air Cleaner


With more than 71 square feet of filter surface, the AC22 and AC24 last longer and trap more particles.

You get:

  • MERV (minimum efficiency rating value) 11. That means up to 75% of particles measuring 0.01 microns are trapped, and 85% or more of particles 3.0 – 10.0 microns. This includes pollen, dust, dust mites, mould spores, aerosols, auto emission particles.
  • Almost maintenance free convenience. Every 6 – 12 months you need to replace the filter insert.
  • Peace of mind. GeneralAire provides a 10 year warranty.

AC500 with HEPA Filter

HEPA means “high efficiency particle arrestor”, and these filters wipe out the smallest particles possible – as small as 0.30 microns. The GeneralAire AC500 combines a HEPA filter with a charcoal filter that will absorb and eliminate irritating and dangerous gasses (like VOCs) and general odours.


  • Complete removal (99.97%) of particles measuring as small as 0.30 microns.
  • Almost maintenance free: Just change the filter and bulb every year (some homes will need filter replacement every 6 months).
  • GeneralAire provides a 5 Year Warranty.

Electronic Air Cleaners

Our electronic air cleaners use an additional electrostatic attraction stage to ensure even the smallest particles are zapped. Their filters are also washable for reuse – cheaper and more environmentally friendly.

Electronic air cleaners provide maximum cleaning power, removing pollutants as small as 0.01 microns.

HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilation)

An HRV is the most energy efficient way to get fresh air into your house. The beauty of an HRV is that it recaptures the heat from the stale air that leaves your home and transfers it to the fresher air from outdoors. In summer, of course, it retains the cooler air conditioned air. In mild weather, HRVs can be used as an energy efficient way to heat or cool your home, saving you from the expense of running your furnace or air conditioner.

GeneralAire makes excellent quality heat recovery ventilators. They are not only reliable, but they’re quiet and don’t require a lot of maintenance. As an added bonus, GeneralAire HRVs have filtration systems that keep any pollution in the incoming air from entering your home.


  • Two modes for different ventilation needs: intermittent or continuous.
  • For even more energy efficiency, the variable speed motor constantly adjusts to the outside temperature. This means it doesn’t have to work as hard playing catch up.
  • These models also help control humidity. The condensation pan is easily accessed for draining.

GeneralAire provides great warranty coverage on HRVs. You get 10 years on the ventilation motors, a limited lifetime warranty on the polycore and 5 years limited lifetime warranty on the rest of the parts.

Controlling Humidity

There’s actually a very narrow range of humidity that’s good for you and your home: about 40 – 50%.


If you have a large family, all showering, doing laundry, and cooking, it’s easy to run into humidity issues. If the the moisture level in your home climbs to more than 50%, your home could fall prey to a mould and/or mildew infestation. And once these take hold, they are very difficult to eradicate.

Why is mould a problem? It can result in increased allergy and asthma problems or even more serious health problems.

GeneralAire dehumidifiers are great solutions for humidity problems. They’re quiet, easy to maintain, and dehumidify your entire house. They can even help in situations where you’re trying to remove an existing mould problems.

Dehumidifiers also provide these great benefits:

  • They lower the dust mite count in your home.
  • They discourage insects that need a moist environment, like centipedes and silverfish.
  • Lower humidity makes you feel cooler, which means you don’t use your air conditioning as much in summer. That means less money spent on energy and more savings.

We can help you choose between the 2 models of dehumidifier GeneralAire has:

  • For smaller homes and smaller moisture issues: the DH70 is capable of extracting up to 70 pints of water per day.
  • For removal of up to 95 pints of water per day, the DH90 is great for larger homes or more serious humidity issues.

Breathe Easier in Winter with a GeneralAire Humidifier

Every winter when you turn the furnace on, you start getting colds and sore throats more often. Sound familiar? That’s because the furnace we need to stay warm will reduce the humidity in the air. People stay healthiest when the humidity level above 40%, and many homes get can get below 15% on the coldest days when the furnace is going all the time.

Your Health

Dry air is, at best, annoying. It makes your skin and hair dull, lifeless and flaky. It can dry out your eyes, your nose and throat. At worse, it can make you sick more often and lead to allergy and asthma attacks.

Protecting Your Home

Controlling the humidity level is critical to keeping your wood floors from warping. If you have any wood cabinets or furniture, too little or too much humidity can also be damaging.

Selecting the right GeneralAire humidifier will keep your home and your family in the best possible condition.


GeneralAire Elite Steam

There is no better way to humidify your home than with steam humidifiers. They are efficient and also offer maximum upkeep and maintenance.

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GeneralAire Elite

If steam humidification is not an option, the next best choice is to use the flow through and bypass technologies of the Elite series.

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GeneralAire Legacy

The ultimate in budget-friendliness, the Legacy models offer drum humidification and flow through humidification. They require more maintenance, but for many the savings are worth it.

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There are lots of choices. Ask the experts at Air Quality Dunrite what will work best for you.

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