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Indoor air quality is something we often ignore because it’s invisible.

Indoor air quality is something we often ignore because it’s invisible, but if you’re not getting that first-day-of spring freshness when you breathe, your home’s air quality could be improved.

Did you know a humidifier can actually help to reduce your energy bill in the winter? That’s because humid air feels warmer. By installing a humidifier as part of your heating system, you can actually turn the thermostat down and feel just as warm or warmer.


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Air Filtration and Purifier Systems

Allergies, tobacco smoke and VOCs can ruin your day. Why suffer when you can have a system that works way better than anything you can buy in a hardware store?

Duct Cleaning

Our professional duct cleaners will remove dust and debris providing cleaner, safer air in your home. Choose from three different duct cleaning packages

Humidifiers Sales, Service and Repair

If you get constant sore throats and colds in winter, a humidifier can really help. They also protect your hardwood floors and furnishings from dry winter air.

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Our modern well-insulated homes are more airtight, and can trap pollutants indoors. The EPA estimates that “Indoor air levels of many pollutants may be 2-5 times, and occasionally, more than 100 times higher than outdoor levels“.