Etobicoke Victorian HouseWe’ve been helping our friends and neighbours with their heating and cooling in Etobicoke since 1989. It’s a great place to live and have a business.

But what really puts Etobicoke on the map for us is the people. When we discuss working in Etobicoke with our team, it’s not the history or the bustling economy that stands out for them, but their interactions with some of the friendliest people Toronto has to offer.

We think it’s due to the abundance of public parks, especially our beloved James Gardens and Jeff Healey Park, named for one of Etobicoke’s favourite sons. People just seem more relaxed in here.

If you can’t already tell, we love this municipality, from the Lakeshore all the way to Smithfield. That’s why we’re so proud to offer the people of Etobicoke the following services.

Furnace Repair and Installation Services

It doesn’t matter how new or old your furnace is, we know how to fix it. When the time comes for a new furnace we have a large selection of reliable and energy efficient models to choose from. Learn more >

Complete Air Conditioning Services

With our summer temperatures, you just can’t get by without serious cooling power. We can help with your central air system or your ductless air conditioner, whether you need repair, maintenance or installation. Learn more >

Water Heaters

From traditional water tanks to the super efficient tankless models, we can repair, maintain and install any kind of water heater. Learn more >

Air Filtration Systems

If you have allergies or “perpetual cold syndrome”, we can help. Our whole-home air quality systems can give you fresher, more breathable air – and you don’t have to sit beside a table top unit. From humidity control to air cleansing filtration systems, we do it all. Learn more >

What Our Etobicoke Customers Have to Say

Air Quality Dunrite works hard to earn the respect of customers like you.

“Fantastic service. The technicians Adam and Brendan are professional, courteous and friendly. You couldn’t ask for better service – outstanding. The technicians will stop and answer your questions and give you great advice. I would strongly recommend Air Quality Dunrite to anyone in need of servicing their heating and air conditioning systems.”

– Tim in the Kingsway, Etobicoke

“Travis Gairy’s work attitude and professionalism places him as an outstanding employee any company would be proud to have working for them. I will definitely request that he comes back for my next service. appointment.”

– Rev. Dr. Elaine MacInnis, Etobicoke

You can read more of our reviews on Homestars >

Great Service, No Matter What Else Changes

Humber Bay Arch BridgeOver the 25 years that we’ve been helping the families of Etobicoke, we’ve seen a lot of changes, even at the waterfront. Because it’s such a great place to live with lots to do, but close to Toronto at the same time, new homes and condos are springing up everywhere. We’re getting great new facilities like the MasterCard Centre for Hockey Excellence, where the Maple Leafs practice and the rest of us can get some great recreation. Even some familiar landmarks like the Old Mill Towers are getting some updates.

In terms of heating and cooling, Etobicoke offers our technicians some interesting challenges. It is home to some of the oldest buildings in Toronto, which often require innovative heating and cooling solutions (especially if there’s no ductwork but the heritage quality of the home needs to be preserved).

That’s why we have some of the best technicians in Toronto – licensed, skilled technicians who also love helping people. We strive to employ the very best in the business, and we work hard to attract career technicians who just plain love fixing things. In 2012 and again in 2015 we were named “Best Contractor to Work For” by ACHRNews. Commitment to quality is something we’re known for.

We’re Here for You

If you need help with your home’s heating, cooling or hot water, we’re here for you. We’ll help you get the right solution for your home, whether it’s large or small.

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